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Airride Seat for Pickups

I requested a price by email for a airride seat for my 05 dodge and a 07 dodge. I'm sure they have a fine product but the prices are a bit spendy for me. Anyways this was there responce.

Good morning Gary,
Below is information on the complete air seats set-ups we have for the Dodge trucks. The bases listed will not work properly with non-National seat uppers.

Dodge Air Seats Available for:

1500: 2002 - 2006

2500: 2003 - 2006

3500: 2003 - 2004

We have the brackets available so that you can keep your middle counsel for 52.02(can only be used when both driver and passenger seats are being installed).

For a complete set up, you would need a seat, air base, and compressor (only one needed for two seats, if there is not an air source on-board).

Option 1

-Leather Sportster

Seat: 797.02

Armrest: 88.41

Suspension: 289.42

Compressor: 288.81


Option 2

-Fabric Sportster

Seat: 584.48

Armrest: 63.04

Suspension: 289.42

Compressor: 288.81


Option 3

-Workhorse ( in vinyl or fabric)

Seat: 348.32

Armrest: 53.04

Suspension: 289.42

Compressor: 288.81


Drew Bennecke

United Group

(800)223-7003 ext. 2735

Hey Gary,
They are getting their seats from National:

You might try another distributor from that link?

There is a Cummins powered Bronco on a site I'm on that did driver passenger seats and said he got everything for $1200 from the supplier he used.

Thanks will check it out when I have some time.


I wonder why the "Newest" set-up he can get for  Dodge Trucks is for trucks 5 years old??

And, for the trucks we use mainly around here, his newest set-up is for trucks that are 7 years old.

Not much demand???

If the product was priced right, and not at a "luxury item" price, they may be able to sell a ton of these things to the owners of 2007 and up Ram 3500 owners and 2008 and up Ram 4500-5500 owners.

Haven't priced complete "Air Ride" systems for these trucks, but from what I recall reading on boards about them, aren't complete air ride systems for these trucks a little cheaper???

I had looked at industrial supply's seats not long after I got my 4500 but decided I couldn't spend that much on a "luxury" item. let us know if something changes as I would still like to do something.

anyone check out Suburban Seating?  they quoted me i think it was 1200 for 2 seats (top of the line) brackets and everything shipped. this was late last year, just never got around to buying any.

they say 03+ dodge 1500/2500/3500  might check with them
just thought i would share

2007 Dodge Air Seat

this is exactly what I needed!! my dad is barely able to walk after a few hours in his truck. So I'm glad we found these......otherwise it was going to be a new truck. so the shopping began.  I talked to mike at suburban, and drew at

the prices were pretty much the same, and the products are exactly the same, but Drew knows his shit! (pardon my french). I've never screwed around with an air ride anything and I'm sure if I run into snags down the road (pun intended) he'll be able to help.  my dad gets ornery when his back hurts. I need this thing to work.

more updates to come after everything comes in! Forum Index -> Links
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