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Stories From The Road
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There are good people out there!
Hanging with my fishing buddy...
How not to chain it down...
Unarmed marines
Follow the leader
Let's hear some of the scary stuff you've seen on the road..
Redneck doubles
heres a story for ya
Thought I was having a bad day!
Now I've seen it all......
Too Funny
Words oldest profession
Bathroon Ettiquette in the truckstop
Paul Blort: Mall Cop !
DOT Blitz, anyone get checked??
Dutch on the road
Truck Stop Men's Room Graffiti
Louisiana Ghost Story
Unforgettable People
Freightliner History
Turned a Deer into hamburger tonight.
Over sized?!?
Parked At A Truck Stop
Stuck On A Mountain
Snakes in the phone booth
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