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Operating authority

Does anyone know if you can start operating before the certificate comes in the mail? The place I used for my processing agents sent me an email with the certificate of authority and it's active on FMCSA's website also, but they say the certificate will come in the mail in about 10 to 14 days. Thanks for any answers to this stupid question.

The only stupid questions are the ones not asked.

If everything is active you can go to and get a copy of your MC permit now for $17.50 instead of waiting for the two weeks for it to come in the mail. They will email or fax it right to you.

Thanks Gary. They did call me about . Didn't want to pay them, then find out it was the same copy that my processing agent service sent me, and it wouldn't help me start running.

The copies we've been getting from is identical to the original. Saves our Guys two weeks of waiting for the FMCSA to send them out. Forum Index -> Important For Beginners
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