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Spread axle trailer

What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of a spread axle trailer? Lets say a 6' spread. I'm guessing that the advantage is less pin weight and the disadvantage is tire wear.
cummins man

you got it  i love mine will never go back it dont have that gooseneck bounce and holds weight better I do not no if you can haul more weight (like a 18 wheeler trailer 34,000 on a closed dual axle / and 40,000lbs on a spread axle)but love it you can sometimes forget the trailer is behind you

Lee, my PJ is a 72" spread.
If you are gentle in turns, no more wear (scrub) than a tri-axle.
The greatest advantage is rollin' over bumps, it really smooths the
shock out, not to mention it tracks straighter than an arrow.
If you pull a spread for awhile, then a tandem, you think
your toe-in is out.
No weight advantage unless spread is 96" or greater, even then
it is based on axle limit [7K, 10K, 12K, etc.].
On Class 8 equipment, even though you may have an axle rated
above 20,000 lbs [rare], I know of no state that will allow above
20,000 lbs on a single axle.

72' spread axle

so you have a spread ax not the three ax ,  does it cost less and do you loose pay load , i've pulled a spread with my class 8 love them i my just get a new spread trailer  instead of aused one

Thanks Ozo. Im researching my next trailer and just trying to look at all angles. I was not looking at a spread for more weight just better distribution of the weight to keep the drive axle right. Lee

Lee the only thing I can tell you about a spread axle is I've owned 4 of them all having a 10' 2" spread. The benefit was that if I wanted to I could load 40,000 lbs anywhere on the trailer without sending any of my axles over weight.  It's really a big plus when your hauling heavy semi loads. Like someone else was saying here the drag on a spread isn't any different then a 3 axle. If your planning on hauling heavy stuff with your 4500 then it would benefit compared to a typical dual closed tandem set up.

Are you seeing with your new trailer that your drive axle is close to or over gross with 4 cars on? The reason I ask is I don't think the same trailer with a spread configuration would be any different than the three axle set up your running now Except is would increase your GVW if you went with 12,000 lbs axles. Only way to lighten the drive axle would be to move the trailer axles forward a little bit. Then you could end up with a tail dragging issue?

Another thing, if you ever plan on going into Canada the spread cannot be 10' 2". It has to be less (I can't remember what the measurment is that Canada allows, I just know it's less).

Thanks Gary. I'm not having any real troubles with weight on the 4500 as long as I dont put something like a quad cab 4x4 diesel on the front. The trailer I'm thinking about would be 2 or more years away and being pulled with something like an FL70. I was just thinking with a 72"-96" spread on the custom trailer I'm thinking of, I might be able to load 4 quad cab 4x4 diesels buy taking some of the weight off the drive. Then again with an FL it might not even be a concern. Right now I'm just running it through my brain!


With my Fl 70 I have 20K on the drive, it has a 23' hay deck with a long overhang that caused me to put an air drop behind the drive so I didn't get busted AGAIN for being over weight on the drive.  Mine is a rebuilt 94 5.9 bumped to 300 hp with a Spicer 7 speed and 4:10s.  It gets about 9mpg running over the Cascades; lots of 3 gear and some 2nd on the steeper grades with ~39K loaded.  Love that truck; have had it for 10 years. Forum Index -> Trailers
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