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A forum for Hotshot Owner Operators using 3500, 4500, and 5500 series trucks to transport LTL freight and for those who want to learn about the business.
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Gary's truck , OD signs
Tie Down & Equipment List
2 trailers for sale
Truck age?
Valenzuela Trucking
Cali diesel rules
Newb from Georgetown, TX
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A forum for Hotshot Owner Operators using 3500, 4500, and 5500 series trucks to transport LTL freight and for those who want to learn about the business.
Latest Articles
Gary's truck , OD signs
After several years now of bugging the salesmen at the local dealers I finally Traded in/up. Victorville Motors offered me to good a deal to pass up. These new trucks are something else. I've only put about 130 miles on it since we picked it on Saturday but I'm very impressed with this truck.  

Tie Down & Equipment List
This is the tiedown list I'm currently sending out to the people wanting to use our dispatch service.

Click to see full size image
Stuck open injector at 25,000+ psi will fill a cylinder full of fuel.  The rod is what breaks in half and then usually takes out the block.[/quote]

Pretty sure if your injector sticks open you only going to be at pump pressure (no where near 25,000 psi) not at injection pressure
Truck age?
Iam sure this has been brought up on here but I cant find anything on it. Iam wanting to get into the business Iam a Diesel Tech currently (back is taking a dump on me) Iam curious if truck age is important I currently have an older truck that I want to run but from what Iam reading brokers and companys wont hire me on with an older truck. While my truck is older it has low miles is it an issue? So if I have to get something newer what age/mileage is acceptable?
Thanks in advance!
Newb from Georgetown, TX
Hadn't introduced myself before, but greetings everyone and thanks Gary for a great forum with so much useful information.


Happy Holidays to all...
Cali diesel rules
Don't know if this is the correct place to ask or if anyone can answer, but here goes.

What are the rules for commercial diesels in California. I know that they put restrictions on year models but I have heard differing things.
Such as each year the year model of the engine allowed changes. But have also heard that older model engines have to have a pdf installed.

Just don't want to cross line and end up with massive fines.

Saw an older post on the Terrastar but nothing newer, just curious if anyone is running one and give opinions? Like that wider cab
Trip Forms, veh inspection report for you laptop users
Does anyone have a trip report or a blank BIL? or is there a location that they are posted in? I think I have read every post on here over the last 10 months, but then, I am also sure that I missed one or two. Thank you.
Has anyone worked with factoring companies before
Thank you guys, I have learned a lot from you all. When I selected my factoring company, kept in mind what all was said here, along with the brokers. When I researched the brokers, I verified that the factoring company had them approved in their data base. Hopefully this will reduce some of the issues.
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