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A forum for Hotshot Owner Operators using 3500, 4500, and 5500 series trucks to transport LTL freight and for those who want to learn about the business.
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Dodge 48re trans
How's business?
Valenzuela Trucking
Old game
New guy in CO
Remanufactured Engine
central il newbie needing advice
New guy
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A forum for Hotshot Owner Operators using 3500, 4500, and 5500 series trucks to transport LTL freight and for those who want to learn about the business.
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Dodge 48re trans
I know this is a older thread but just read it. I have a '01 just a 2500 but I had to replace my Tranny at 192,000. I beefed up the torque converter and added a deeper pan with cooling tubes. I know it's just a 2500 and doesn't have the loads that most guys on here have but that's been my experience and my truck truck has a trailer on it 95% of the time. Feed, hay, horses, other livestock and the occasional load of srcap metal going to my father in laws scrap yard.
How's business?
I have the opportunity to take over a dedicated run from Northern OK
to Southern Tx and back on a daily basis.  I will need a 1 ton and 40 ft float which I currently don't have.  This is a weekly dedicated run and pays close to $2k not firm on the pay out yet.  Looking at this possible venture to get my brother set up as the driver.  Any thoughts suggestions would be appreciated.
New guy in CO
Hi all,

First off I would like to say this is a great forum, definitely answered a lot of my questions and has me very interested.

Name is Garrett, barely 23 years old, have my own house in Elizabeth CO, have no spouse or kids, just two great dogs. I currently am an owner operator of my landscape install and maintenance company that I started 2 years ago. It's growing along pretty nicely but with the down time in the winter, not much snow to plow and my discovery of this hotshot business I ...
Old game
Just wanted to say Hi to everyone out there, new to transporting on a smaller scale...been OTR West Coast and now trying something smaller. Fourth month in transporting RV's, boats, MC and vehicles, struggling as a part timer but work is picking up. Been reading the forums all over the "Gore-net" and thought I'd park it here.
Remanufactured Engine
Well oil samples came back looking real good. Guess I will run this puppy a little longer. 573,602 miles
central il newbie needing advice
hi all..
I a new subscriber to this forum and have been reading alot of the posts, very insightful info by the way.. thank you for that..   a little about myself..
34year old  9 year cdl holder, based in effingham,il (south central,il).. been otr for 6 of the 9 years.. currently at fedex freight doing ltl... looking to get into the hotshot scene... I have been running the numbers and trying to see if its feasable to get out and do this... i am considering hauling campers at first and ...
New guy
Hello, been lurking on here for about the past two years so I figured it was time to join.  I just picked up a new to me truck (details in sig) and that decision was primarily based on what I read here.  This forum does seem to have the single biggest owner group of the 45/5500 series trucks.  I run primarily in Eastern Canada and do mostly cars and boats. Glad to find a place to talk about these trucks a little more.
Here is my new set up sitting in my driveway.  Heading ou ...
Boot from Houston
Mornin y'all,

Trying to get my own hot shot business up and running. My wife is already on board with it so I am currently looking for a long bed cummins 3500 dually 4x4. This forum has been an invaluable asset so far. I have a quick question. I got a buddy who is a diesel mechanic and I found a place on 1 acre with multiple homes and a 4,000sf shop I thought about buying but they want $235k on top of getting a new used truck. Should I get the property or wait until I get more loads? Also, I ...
Tie Down & Equipment List
Just placed a order for 8 new lasso tire straps and 8 cordura protective sleeves from Gordon over at Talco Specialties.  

Why Talco Specialties?

#1. Quality of product.

#2. Customer Service.

#3. They sell individual pieces/parts in the event that a part gets lost, or damaged.

#4. They have the lowest prices I've found.
Important For Beginners ( Log Books )
I have a quick question.  Can you claim sleeper time in a stock four-door dually or do you have to stop at a h/motel?  Ok, two questions.  Are sleepers affordable or worth the trouble of mounting them?
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