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A forum for Hotshot Owner Operators using 3500, 4500, and 5500 series trucks to transport LTL freight and for those who want to learn about the business.
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Straps,Binders, Chains shopping list
April seems slower
K&N Oil Filter- STAY AWAY!!!
hi im new from wa
Milks Transport
G & ML
Need Kid On The Block
Bizarre Billing Question
Will previous overweight tickets affect my insurance quote?
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A forum for Hotshot Owner Operators using 3500, 4500, and 5500 series trucks to transport LTL freight and for those who want to learn about the business.
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April seems slower
October now freight is still slow. Glad to hear Gary's phone has not stopped ringing. There is something to say about working with people who have been at this for a long time. Over here not a lot on the load boards so the rates are down. I have been treating this year like a long winter, careful of what I load out with and not rolling the dice a lot. [/i]
K&N Oil Filter- STAY AWAY!!!
Anyone else ever have a nightmare like this?  

So last Saturday I'm cruising along I24 in Kentucky & pull off at a closed coop about 20 miles from the Illinois line.  I'm in no hurry whatsoever, so I walk my pooch around for about 30mins, & give my rig the usual once over/safety √ before I hit the road again..  Low on fuel, & there's a Fly'n J about 17 miles ahead so that's where I'm going.  
 As I fuel, I'm walking around again out of habit, & ...
hi im new from wa
hi im new from wa  and im really interested in wanting to do this the wife   is vary ok with it as its not like  driving a big rig all the time  and i  even told her she could go  with we acatly saw some hot shot truckers on our move  from pa to  wa and  im not afried to be next to the big guys i have a lot to do yet to get started im trying to leen more towards getting a chevy truck to do this  type of work  or gmc but i know alot gose in t ...
Need Kid On The Block
Hello, my name is Greg and I'm near Indianapolis. Been lurking around here for several months. This past spring I leased onto a RV transport company and love it. However I'm ready for something that pays more. Been looking at buying a lo-boy and hauling 2 trailers at a time with mostly cars for the return. Although the money doing this is not bad I'm wondering what the average freight pays.
I'm not retired but I do have a small business that does keep me busy from Oct-March. I will still be ma ...
Bizarre Billing Question
I have been running hotshots on my off time for about 6 months. Not getting rich by any means, but its nice to have a little extra money. I typically run supplies to refineries and natural gas plants who generally need my cargo in a hurry or they are liable to lose (or already losing) a ton of money.

This past weekend i ran a load about 7 hours from home and when I arrived, security rejected my order because there were no warehouse employees on site. I had to leave and re-deliver the next da ...
Milks Transport
Loaded up and tying down.

Will previous overweight tickets affect my insurance quote?
So I'm in the process of getting all my stuff together to get started and I'm curious about some tickets I got (in 2014) while driving a company vehicle.  Last year I was cited 3 times for being overweight and I got a bonus on one of those with a ticket for exceeding the weight rating on the front tires as well. I turned them in to my boss, company took care of them and I never heard anything else about it. They told me its no big deal and that its not going to "follow me" around. ...
KSEnterprises truck

Wealth of knowledge
I was lurking on this forum for several months and finally with the confidence and know how I gathered on here  I bit the bullet and bought a used truck,trailer setup from a member on here the end of February ,started my first day in business April first of this year and fell into a sweet deal transporting trucks for a huge rental co,I now have 2 full time drivers and just purchased another new truck and trailer for myself last Friday 3 trucks and trailers on the road  now I need a sec ...
Straps,Binders, Chains shopping list
I'm trying to get an idea of what kind of ratchet straps, chains, binders, tarps and bungees to start out with. I figure you would need to be prepared for anything and carry a lot on the truck just in case you get something weird. Basically, at a minimum, what do I need?

What length and hook style of ratchet straps are your go to straps?

What length of chain (s) would you need to carry with you or at least own?

I'm used to using the cheesy old blue tarps to cover stuff at home, wha ...
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