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A forum for Hotshot Owner Operators using 3500, 4500, and 5500 series trucks to transport LTL freight and for those who want to learn about the business.
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40 ft Load Trail upgrades?
Hello from West Texas
r 40 ft gooseneck trailer
Greg's Truck
Audit Time
Bang! Pow! Kaboom!!
Info...........Tire chains
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A forum for Hotshot Owner Operators using 3500, 4500, and 5500 series trucks to transport LTL freight and for those who want to learn about the business.
Latest Articles
r 40 ft gooseneck trailer
2014 40 gooseneck trailer for sale with dovetail 24 gvwr contact ROBERT AT 512-550-6426
I have  a couple of questions will try to keep them short.

1.  I do NOT own/lease the truck I just drive it, I get reimbursed for tolls, I have their fuel card, I get paid holiday pay, I get told where to pick up and deliver.  I am paid a % of the load. WOULD YOU CONSIDER me employee OR contractor?

2.  I am being paid a % of the load. Am I entitled to see/have copies of the Original Rate Confirmation from my employer?

3. If I am entitled to see/have copies of the original Rate Confirmat ...
New to this forum - From Houston
I have been using for just over a year now and I'm happy with it! plans start around $3 a month if you do an annual plan thing, That's what I have been using.

You can go and check it out but if you send me your email address in a PM ill send you a link where I can get like $10 credit
Hello from West Texas

Been in the oilfield for 20yrs now started at the bottom, now a manager and just don't like the view anymore from the corporate window.

Anyways my brother actually started doing ltl and of course I have always had a huge interest in the hotshot side of the patch.

So really thinking of jumping on this wagon and my one question is we are ready to leave West Texas and are thinking of moving to two place and would like to know historically what area has more loads Colorado (Denver) o ...
Audit Time
Not sure how I missed that reply? Audits are all about checking to make sure you're keeping good records, keeping everything up to date,  and not getting violations. Failed roadside inspections, log book violations, driving violations, and accidents will generally trigger a audit. Or it can just be because they haven't checked on you in awhile.

The DOT officer that just did mine was telling me a few things will be changing. For instance, if your not getting violations, having accidents, ...
40 ft Load Trail upgrades?
For three years I've been on the fence about adding a 40 ft lowboy to my fleet and I think the time has come.  I found a newer (2010-2012 IIRC) Load trail 40 ft lowboy nearby for a decent price.  From what I can tell it is actually spec'd the way the ones used on here are.  I know the history of it for the past year and have heard the complaints about it.  I've towed it a handful of times and I hate the way the neck flexes and makes for a bouncy ride.  I've read and read ...
Info...........Tire chains
ETrailer has the best prices on tire chains that I could shipping as well...
Yep, I was surprised as well, never would have figured it.
Bang! Pow! Kaboom!!
Swamp Weasel wrote:
That's right, another trailer tire blowout..

Blowout 1 14,000 mi
               2 15,300mi
               3 16,050mi

What's bothering me is I run a LoadMax low-pro tandem dual deckover.  I bought a tandem dual partially because the story's I've heard of triple axles eating tires.  Trailer has the oem Triangle brand 235/80r16 10 plys.  To date I've never struck or hopped a curb, never had over 19.5k on the trailer axles, stay at or unde ...
How much commission for salesman
Hi, how much commission are people generally paid that bring new accounts?  Im actually a driver and may be bringing a new customer to the company im leased with.  They are a big company in Oil and Gas.  The problem is, they will mainly be using trailers and I only drive a Pick-up.  They only need pickups a little.  Since i wont be benefiting from more runs, I want to make sure I get paid fairly for getting them the account.  thanks
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